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I was born in Bolivia, and from a younge age I have been traveling all over the world and been exposed diffrent cultures, however, moving to the US was a bit of a cultural shock. Not only was the taste of food quite different, but the way it was sold and how long it lasted amazed me. All those picture perfect red glossy apples were not naturally organic, but rather genetically modified to retain its youthfulness.


I was intrested in investigating what would happen if I left these organism took their life course......


My work is inspired by the microbial growth in foods that cause deterioration and decay. The process by which a living organism goes through when it begins to ‘die’ is fascinating to me as its physical structure begins to transform. As the fruits and vegetables begin to die, they host and sustain a new set of life form in the bacteria and fungi that take over in this phase of the life cycle.By using photography and different means of printmaking, Cyanotypes and Vandyke prints, I was able to capture new textures and forms that appear as the fruits and vegetables decay. By approaching the subject matter that usually tends to disgust and repulse, I present this natural process as a beautiful subject that gives my viewers the chance to appreciate this natural process. I see my work as bringing them back to a lifeless life



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