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Back in 1992, the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina located on the corner of Arroyo and Suipacha, was attacked by a suicide bomber in a pickup truck. A group called Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility. The motive for the attack was Israel's assassination of Hezbollah, leader Sayed Abbas al-Musawi. Today the site is a memorial plaza.

At the time that I visited BA, I was reading "Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith." by Jon Krakauer. Looking at the site and it's history, I was quickly reminded of how Mormon earliest buildings were frequent targets of anti-Mormon sentiment. Perhaps the best known example is the temple in Nauvoo Ill., that was burned nearly to the ground in 1848.

"With the painful experience of Nauvoo still fresh in their minds," the LDS Web site reports, "Church leaders determined that the Salt Lake Temple would be almost fortress-like in its design and construction."

And with this quote I was more than inspired to create my "fortess-like structure."
I used the existing site with the footprint of the building on the wall as a base. By extruding from the remains of the building, I was able to construct my windows, balconies and my Golden Towers.




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